Armani's Angels Incorporated 
Sponsored by: Krazi Over Heelz, Woodfox Pressure Washing Service, Penelope Howard and Theresa Trass

Armani's Angels  is a NON-PROFIT Organization specializing in helping Disable Children and Their Families just like her self. Armani was born May 24, 1997 with a number of medical illnesses starting from:

MicrocephalyLissencephalyHydrocephalusScoliosisCerebral Palsy98 0/0 Retinal Damage  and some other Medical Problems in which some of were life threatening. It's not that Armani had one of these illnesses that cause the threat of her life, but the actually combination of them all. When Armani was born doctors told us due to her condition they didn't think she would live to see age three. They even requested a meeting with us to discuss other alternatives. Such as placing her into to Hospice or some other kind of medical facility for people and or children with Severe Terminal Illnesses.  Thank God and lots of Family, Friends, Doctors and Strangers that came across her for their Prayers, Love and Support!  Because of them  Armani Toni Woodfox  is still here with us 16 years later.  Due to these illnesses Armani is unable to walk, talk, sit, stand or see.

For that We The Family and Armani decided to offer Armani her own NON-PROFIT Organization in her name as her  Sweet 16 Birthday Gift . We know Armani wouldn't wont or have it any other way. Our family also know how hard it is to be told no or just sit back helplessly. Not knowing who or where to go to for help. It's so much that medicaid and other health insurances don't cover for Special Needs Children and so much that The Families can't Afford. That's where  Armani's Angels  come in at. We Host and Sponsor Events for the families to help pay for:

Medical Expenses that's not covered
Getting Equipment that's not covered
Paying for Funerals for their Love Ones
Helping with getting Handicap Vehicles or down payments on them
Remodeling Homes to make them Handicap Assessable and MORE

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Thank You for supporting Armani's Angels!

Armani Woodfox

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, Family and Friends would like to Thank You in Advance for all of your Support!